Blankstrap - A Blank Bootstrap 4 Theme

Blankstrap Theme is here :fire:

Blankstrap Theme is a blank theme for RapidWeaver, based on Bootstrap 4 (which will be itself soon in beta).

You might think: Why do I need another blank theme - well, because you can :slight_smile:

First of all, it is build on Bootstrap 4 and Bootswatch themes, so it is over 20 themes in one file.

It comes with some nifty - and optional - features like a 1-level navigation bar. This gives you the possibility to use most of the inbuilt plugins out of the box, and unleash its full power with Stacks plugin by @isaiah. You are also able to use a 3rd party navigation system, for example made by @tav

Last but not least: It is completely free, open source, and white labeled.

Thanks to @webdeer for all the help and inspiration :slight_smile:

For more info and download, check out the GitHub project page:

Let’s us know how you think about it. The theme supports RapidWeaver theme updates, to make sure bug fixes find the way to you also :wink:



Great job Jannis. This is a very powerful “blank” theme with so much potential and is the only Bootstrap 4 blank theme with an optionalRapidWeaver navigation and Bootswatch theme support. Really looking forward to the Bootstrap 4 beta update and where this is going.

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Exactly. I have been testing Blankstrap with SectionsPro and Blueprint and they work perfectly in Blankstrap and are the ideal building blocks to do whatever you want.

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Thanks Steve. Yes, that was Gary’s and mine initial intention. Looking forward to feedback.

Yeah, will update the theme in the next couple of days with the Bootstrap 4 beta version :grinning:


You had me at “Made to Code - if you want”

Downloading and beta testing now.

Will there be Blankstrap Stacks that go along with this theme?

This theme is more a fun project, producing a professional and lightweight theme. It should be for those ones who need a really simple theme and the ability to code, if they want, and play around with bootstrap snippets. It is intended to work with inbuilt plugins like styled text, markdown, html, blog, etc., (I didn’t out much effort into photo album), as also with Stacks as main plugin. It removes the complexity of integrating the bootstrap libraries or bootswatch styling and makes them instantly available inside RapidWeaver.

Building a Framework with additional Stacks would require a LOT of work. If some needs a full fledged Bootstrap 4 framework, I strongly recommend Foundry from @Elixir, IMHO the best framework out there, which builds also the base for my own website.


Thanks for the kind words @instacks about Foundry!


Blankstrap doesn’t need a special framework of stacks and you can use any existing stacks. All of the building blocks to build the most amazing web sites already exist and work with Blankstrap. It isn’t aimed at beginners or new RW users but for those with stacks experience and ideally some basic code knowledge, and it opens up new opportunities with what is the most advanced and complete blank theme available for RW.

This theme also serves as a teaching aide for anyone keen to learn about building web sites with Bootstrap4 elements by adding in code snippets using the Stacks HTML stack. Check out the Bootstrap4 documentation at and you will be amazed to find what you can do with just a bit of effort.

You will get out what you are prepared to put into learning how to use it.

Just to mimic what Jannis said highlighting that Foundry is a really excellent and complete set of Bootstrap4 stacks with up to date documentation, videos and support.


@instacks @webdeer, :slight_smile: works for me! I was just curious what to expect from the project. I don’t need stacks and have been using straight code these days anyways.

I did a quick test using a free template from
Works great! I will have to test out some custom snippets later.


That looks nice, but at the end does not need Blankstrap Theme. You copied all sources from the startbootstrap theme into the resources area and referenced in your HTML file these.

Check out my Void Theme, this is a really blank theme good for that sort of integration.

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Just released a new version of the Blankstrap Theme based on Bootstrap 4 Beta 2. If the automatic updater fails for whatever reason, re-download it here:


Thanks Jannis! Can you please check the toggle? It only seems to open on click, not close.

Works for me, please send me a DM with a link and a detailed description, also which browser you used. Thanks!

Thanks Janis - very strange. I’m using Firefox, Safari on iMac. Also tested on iPad, same thing. Other Bootstrap toggles working fine. I’ll send you a file.

My apologies to Jannis! Just learned something the hard way.
Apparently, RapidWeaver does NOT clear the Code section when switching themes, so when I switched to Blankstrap, RapidWeaver carried over all the Code CSS and JavaScript that I had been using in testing the Magnesium theme and that’s what messed things up. Is there a way to set RapidWeaver to clear the Code section when switching themes so that doesn’t happen? Seems to me any Code entries should stay theme specific and not carry over.

UPDATE: Just checked one of my WordPress sites. Sure enough, WordPress doesn’t carry over CSS mods from theme to theme but gives you a fresh start - as it should be.


Happy New Year!

Just released a nice update with several enhancements, most important a native Bootstrap 2nd level navigation.

In addition, I am happy to release a small free Stacks Suite with Blankstrap Theme. Not much though, currently a simple container and jumbotron stack. Let’s see what comes next :wink:


Another great update. Thanks

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