Webdeersign Template 3 big updates

Significant updates to Template 3 which now uses the excellent Bootstrap4 Blankstrap theme from inStacks. Amongst other things this free theme adds simple to use nav bar navigation to to top of each page if it is enabled.

There is some optimisation and updates to the latest versions of stacks and a design refresh throughout. also there are some new layouts.

This Template (like all of ur templates) only requires Stacks and does not require a framework of stacks such as Foundry or Foundation. However if you do have Foundry or Foundation or any other framework, the Template will work perfectly in this was well.

Existing customers can log into their Paddle account and download the latest versions.

Template3 details
T3 demo

PS I have removed you know who from the actors photos.


Really a great template. What I like the most are the sub pages, looking like a modal window, but still implemented as normal RW pages.
Example: http://webdeersign.com/templates/tp3demo1/s1/

Cheers, Jannis


Thanks. Pages make great Modals and often make more sense than a modal. Having their own URL can be useful. Also it was handy to be able to choose to not show the Bootstrap Nav Bar navigation on those pages.

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How I can buy the template?
The Buy Button does not work for me (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

@Kunstmaler All sorted and working now. I had forgotten that I had previously retired that Template. After the big refresh it is all set for a new life and available for purchase.

OK, understood. :smiley:

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