Blankstrap Theme with Local Fonts | Free CustomFont Stack

Supporting RW users with options for removing Google Fonts CDN from their projects, 2 news from my side.

Blankstrap 1.1 Release

Includes the new Bootstrap v4.1 and replaces all former Google Fonts CDN imports with local font files.

Download for free from

Free CustomFont Stack

Already available since 5 years now, CustomFont Stack allows the import of local font files into a RW project in an easy way. Recently added support for Foundry Framework.

Download for free from

NB: Both Theme and Stack will be integrated further in future. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Happy weaving! Jannis


Thanks @instacks for these. I’ve downloaded the Blankstrap theme, but the Font stack I couldn’t get. I signed in with my Paddle account and tried to download it, but it didn’t work. I just get the spinner; waited for 5 mins and stopped it.

Please try again. Seems Paddle had some issues. Works for me.

It’s working now.

Thanks Jannis

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@instacks Great job on the latest Bootstrap 4.1 update. This is a really powerful and mature blank theme.

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