No Footer using Blankstrap 1.0.0 theme (Solved)

Hi all,

I’m very new to Rapidweaver and a novice when it comes to any form of coding, preferring to press a button to make things work.

I have published a website using (among various stacks) Blankstrap v. 1.0.0 as a theme. In the Footer box of General settings of RW I placed copyright details intending for these details to appear on the bottom each page. When I view the website the footer details are nowhere to be seen, not even when I view the source. I have tried overriding the footer using the option in the inspector, but it still doesn’t show. Can someone help a complete newb and tell what I’m missing?


Hi MAC, Blankstrap is a powerful Bootstrap4 blank theme. The blank part means that there is no content until you put content there. The RW Footer will not appear in any blank theme, and is designed specifically for themes that do use the RW Footer.

However, you could add a footer stack in a Partial, to place a footer at the bottom of each page. If that makes sense to you then good, but if it doesn’t, then Blankstrap is probably not the theme you should be using.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Gary. All done :smiley:

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