Bootstrap theme updated to version 3

A major update for the Bootstrap RapidWeaver theme.

Visually not a lot changes with this update. However some of the underlying codebase has been improved and this update also amalgamates every single feature request that uses have sponsored.

The update is available in the normal ways; via RapidWeaver updates, Waterfall or as a direct download from your Paddle account.

Changes in this update include:

  • Updated Font Awesome and Bootstrap libraries to the latest versions.
  • Renamed and reordered a couple of theme style settings.
  • The ‘currently viewing’ and ‘last published’ text labels are now set with CSS, making them easier to change.
  • Edited the theme Javascript to remove things that are no longer needed, like Nivo lightbox and responsive video.
  • The theme has a “sticky” footer, so the footer bar is always placed at the bottom on shallower pages.
  • Removed support for ‘scroll back to top’ buttons. These can still be accomplished using the Back To Top stack.
  • Theme designer credit can be toggled on an off. On is the default.
  • Colour pickers should support RGBa opacity in RapidWeaver 8.
  • New sidebar options for mobile and desktop.
  • Ten colour style presets added and now available for selection within the theme style settings.
  • Rearranged some of the theme Miscellaneous theme style settings and added some new ones.
  • Added a new option to make the navigation bar ‘sticky’ at the top of the page on desktop.
  • Improvements to the accessibility of the desktop navigation menu, particularly in regards to tabbing subpages.
  • Various other under-the-hood minor tweaks and optimisations.

A little reminder that if you enjoy using this theme, please make a small donation. Every donation goes directly towards covering the hosting costs and helps offset the development time required to continue providing these theme updates. Or if you cannot afford to donate, please rate and review the theme here on the Community Addons website.

Want to learn more about the Bootstrap theme or get your hands on a copy for the first time? Please click this link.


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