How to install a Bootstrap template in RW?

Hi guys i’d like to know if it possible to install and work with a Bootstrap theme into RW7.
For example is it possible to buy a Bootstrap theme from ThemeForest and build a website with RW ?
If yes could you show me how to do it please?
Thank you so much

Many RW Themes/Frameworks are built upon Bootstrap… just one example: There are many others. You’ll have to specifically seek RapidWeaver themes though…

The Blankstrap Theme is free and based on Bootswatch, a nice compilation of Bootstrap styles.

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

Definitely worth checking out @instacks free Blankstrap theme.

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There are themes that already come with Rapidweaver that work with Bootstrap code. I use the AFFERO theme and apply Bootstrap code to the body content area for formatting the page items.

All new RW8 themes are build on Bootstrap 4.

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