Blocks Box Theme Responsive?

(johannes) #1

I’ve been using the Joe Workman Blocks Box theme for years, but now I would like to move to a responsive theme (for iPhone use and so on). Will there be a responsvie version of Blocks Box or are there any good alternatives that is similar to Blocks Box but are responsive?

(Rob Beattie) #2

BlocksBox is a sort of empty theme, yes?

If that’s the case then either Freestack Responsive from Blueball or Foundation by Joe Workman are really worth a look. Both excellent products.

(michael m.) #3

Blocks box Theme was from Joe Workman? Are you sure? I thought it was from Jonas Treub (A Dutch developer)

(Matthias Ficht) #4

But Joe has bought / taken over all stuff of Jonas Treub several months ago…

(michael m.) #5

Ah, didn’t know that. What has happened to Jonas Treub. I saw that his website is down.