Looking for a Theme

I am looking for a similar theme to the one I currently use for Sandvox. I am transitioning and would like some help if possible. This is the Blueball shadows design theme. www.fresnoflyfishers.org

Foundation is the best theme hands down. Pretty much any theme you see out there can be built using Foundation and Stacks 3

Here are some Foundation/Stacks 3 Sites that I’ve made

Freestack Responsive is the best theme hands down. Pretty much any design you see out there can be built using Freestack Responsive and Stacks 3.

Here are some Freestack responsive sites that the community has made:

But seriously…thats not answering the question you asked, I don’t think.

Have you seen “Wilderness” by ThemeFlood?

When I viewed your site I was able to picture it being remade with that theme…Just my $00.02

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+1 for Wilderness. It’d be nice and simple to get a new site that echoed your old one but had a modern feel, was responsive and uses a solid framework.

Themes like Foundation & Freestack are fantastic if you prefer a clean slate and want to do all the designing yourself - and that suits some people. But there are some great designs already out there built by some great designers. Why re-invent the wheel if you don’t have to?



Correct I don’t want to reinvent the wheel at all. I am not a coder and don’t want to code anything I don’t have to. So if I get Wilderness can I use it similar to what I am doing now? Rapid weaver takes a bit getting used to when coming from sandvox. I like some things, however I like how Sandvox was simple and it was easy to use. I have Stacks 3 and am getting ready to start migrating and making the new site but want to make sure I know what I am getting prior to making a purchase.

Any theme mentioned works with no coding. Wilderness is a theme set up with navigation for you, where as Foundation and Freestacks and others like them, use Stacks pages only and you need to add navigation stacks. This gives you al little bit more freedom to make the designs you want. Take a look at the Realmac Gallery you can see a lot of examples of Foundation there, even a few of Freestacks. Not sure if Wilderness is on there though.

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I am not sure I am understanding. If I just buy the Theme the navigation bar is included. If I buy foundation, I also have to purchase a Navigation menu stack as well?

Basically can I design my navigation menu in foundation with out another purchase?

if you figure this
Rapid weaver 100
foundation 100
block 3 bundle 90

your looking at over 300 after taxes so would I have to purchase another stack for the navigation or would foundation already include it? I am doing this as a hobby and not a business. It is just starting to get pricy is all.

If you buy a pre-designed theme, you don’t have to buy any navigation stacks…everything is ready to go (i.e. just add your content and do some minor tweaks).

If you buy Foundation, it comes with all the “building blocks” needed to build a website, but you have to put it all together (like Ikea furniture)…which gives you complete freedom and unlimited potential.

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend using a pre-made theme to start out. Then move on to something like Foundation after you’re used to the RW ecosystem.

@garth is right, if you buy the bundle for $99, it comes with the stacks you need, you just do not get a Navigation menu until you add the stack to your page. But that stack comes with the bundle.

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The thing about Themeflood themes is that you can try them out for free. Just download Wilderness and see if it suits your needs. If it doesn’t, no harm done. :sunglasses:

You probably won’t be able to duplicate your existing site exactly but maybe a little visual refresh will look good too.


@robbeattie I purchased the theme and actually like it. On their site I noticed that they have a side bar to the right. How do I enable it? I can’t seem to find it.

If you go into Settings in Edit more - the spanner icon on the left - then select Master Style.

The column on the right will display all the settings for the theme. Scroll down to Sidebar Positioning and open the drop down list.

From here you can change its position and size relative to the content width.

This will move the sidebar to the right on every page.


@robbeattie ,

Thank you so much for your help, I am liking how the site is working out. What I wish I could do is have my navigation bar on the left and a side bar on the right, but hey it works as is right now and maybe some change is good.

I have been attempting to add my own banner but I am unable to find out how to do it. Do you know of a way to do it easily?

The info you need is on the developer’s website - https://www.themeflood.com/preview/wilderness/

The easiest way is to add an Extra Content stack, set it to ExtraContent4 and then drop your image into that. It will be set as the banner image.