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I’m looking for a stack will that will auto censor words in a blog. Is this possible?

Which blog? The inbuilt blog page?

Thanks for your response Jannis. I haven’t chosen a blog format or stack yet. I’m wondering if it’s possible and will basing my decision on that capability. Thanks.

Who will write the blog posts? Why would you like to auto censor words?

I will write the blog posts with some controversial content under a pseudonym. I will censor a few words to keep the site civil.

@laughingtoad What you are writing is confusing. Surely you can self-censure yourself. I’m now assuming what you really mean is a way to censure comments made by readers. Is that correct?

I don’t know of any easy way to censure reader comments … but I suppose it depends on what commenting system you are using. For example, there may be the ability to do this to some extent if using Disqus.

Thanks Mathew. Yes, of course it’s specifically reader comments that I want to make sure do not become personal. The blog will be on a domain name I own. Some people may know it belongs to me. It will be controversial and I want to keep the trolls under control.

I’ll have a look at Disqus.

Perhaps just think about not offering a comments section. Most of the time they usually lead to nothing good anyway.


That may be my solution. I would like to start a discussion about a difficult subject. Perhaps the solution is to have comments emailed to me before publishing them. Anyway, thanks for responding Adam.

You won’t be able to censor disqus comments on your page. That would have to be implemented in disqus (and most probably already is).

@laughingtoad Disqus offers lots of features. However, some of the features are only possible via a paid account. And, of course, there are different levels of paid accounts. Put simply I’m 99% sure you could achieve what you want with Disqus. What I’m not sure of at all is how much it would cost you. Some of their features are quite expensive.

However having word checks is different from “keeping trolls under control”. A person can be quite nasty without using any obvious obnoxious words. It’s tricky. I always laugh when folks utter Twitter and nuanced in the same sentence: they really don’t go together. At any rate for your blog I hope you find a good solution.

Thanks Mathew.

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