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What is the current way (as of Jan. 2019), to add comments and feedback to a TotalCMS Blog?

Many thanks

their are child stacks for Discus and Facebook in the Blog Post stack

This is true, but you have to purchase the Comments stack by Joe to be able to see them.

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Thanks for the help! I now have the comment stack.

Joe’s video for Disqus integration, he covers TotalCMS blog about halfway through

Thanks Paul…Watching now.

@all. I presume I’ll need a Disqus and/or FacePlant account?

I’ve no idea about farsebook but you’ll need a Disqus account that you then set to be for a site.
The default D acc is for users to post comments, but you can then go into the acc settings and change it to be associated with your site.

Thanks Paul. I’ll ahead with Disqus for now. If Fazebuck ever takes off, I’ll look at :wink:

hmm. I hope I’m doing something wrong here. Unless I want to pay a lot of money for a Pro Disqus account, the blog posts are covered in signup stuff from the Disqus site.

Isn’t there a simpler way to add comments – I hate to say it, but like WordPress…?

I’ve learned quite a bit about “Commenting” the last day or so. It is really its own system:

Allow user signup through a vetting service (Wordpress or Disqus for example).
Moderate users and comments.
Remove users and comments as needed.

This really requires a moderator.

That’s too much for my client’s needs, so she is not opening comments at this time.

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