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Hi. I am using the inbuilt blog for rapidweaver and would love to list the last 10 blog titles in my sidebar? The only options i can see are category and archive… Is this title listings possible?

Or do i need to use another kind of blog page… and if so does it exist!?

Thanks in advance Peter

You can do it manually yourself, using the sidebar.

  1. With the Blog page open in Edit mode, open the Page Inspector
  2. Type in the title of one of the blog posts you want to link to
  3. Highlight it
  4. Click the link button at the bottom of the Page Inspector
  5. When the link inspector opens, choose Page from the drop down list and then navigate to the Blog page and the individual post.
  6. Click Set Link.

Repeat for the 10 posts you want to link to.


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Sure - thanks. Id rather it could list to automatically - if i understand it right, the way ups suggest would need updating with each new post… Still it may be a workaround. Can it sit in the sidebar with the other archives also?

Depends on the theme. On mine it sits above the tags, etc.

But yes, it’s a manual workaround.


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