Blog - Archived titles appear where?

I have RapidWeaver 7 only. Nothing else. I don’t see the archive for my blog. Do I have to put a column on the blog page to display the archived titles? I can’t imagine any other thing I may be missing. There are is no column on any of my website pages at this time.

I don’t have RW7 yet but do you have the archive enabled in your inspector? I had to put a check mark to enable.

Yes, it’s checked and enabled.

I think you should check if the side bar is enabled and see what happens. I’ve been reading up on 7 (I’m still on 5) and maybe it’s hidden now? Check in Themes styles, Sidebar fontsize and colors, hide sidebar. Otherwise, I have had great luck getting assistance from the support of my Theme. It might take a little while to get a response but the person who made my theme was really outstanding helping me work out some issues and even provided some code to get it to do some small things I wanted and helped me fix some things I wasn’t even aware of.