How to list blog posts by title?

I’m new to RapidWeaver (v.6), coming from Sandvox. I’m using the Writer theme. I can list/index blog posts by categories, tags, and archives. But how do I list blog posts by title? I’ve looked at other RW themes and encounter the same issue. Am I missing some simple solution?

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Regardless of Theme, sounds like you are using the built in Blog page type, which has that limitation. It will sort Blog entries by date, Categories, Tags and Archives but not Title. Title sorting is subjective, I can see it’s use cases but I can also see it causing all kinds of confusion to the end viewer (and RapidWeaver user). Using several Blogging platforms (offsite remote services), I cannot think of one that allows sorting by title off the top of my head so I really don’t have a direction for you to go unfortunately. Perhaps someone else will chime in with a recommendation.


Thanks Brad. My intention is to sort by date, with most recent post first. I guess I wasn’t clear on that. But I’d also like the titles to be visible in the list of posts, rather than or in addition to a date (e.g., month) or a category. Sandvox does this, so I was hoping RW could too.


Hey Dale

To be honest, I don’t use the Blog Page type in RW because I cannot edit/add/remove content online. Instead I use and @instacks Blog stack with his Manta Theme for Typed but this requires the purchase of Stacks by YourHead Software and a subscription to

MOST solutions in RW will require Stacks as there is Armadillo by Nimblest, Joe Workman is working on extending Total CMS to include Blogging and a host of other solutions as well like Google Blogger and RapidBlog by YourHead software (originally owned by LogHound and not yet purchasable).


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