Blog page style for RW 7.5? RW 8?

I know you guys don’t want to give anything away about future releases and don’t like to talk about things that may or may not be in production, but I thought I’d throw out a few wish list items for a possible new blog page style in case there’s one in the works. I think an upgrade to the blog would mean a big boost for RW, as I constantly see people talking about it on the forums.

  • Paginated main feed.
  • Flat-file structure (would likely make the next one easier).
  • Search capabilities.
  • A complimentary stack that could import the blog into a Stacks page.

Yup, great suggestions. We want these things too.

Don’t have a date yet, but we have plans for this and more :slight_smile:

That is exciting! No matter how far out it might be I’m super happy to hear it. :+1:

+1 Pagination would be a dream coming true :grinning: