Blog photos not showing in Chrome / Firefox

Would anyone have any advice for this please? I have a blog page:

I have dragged and dropped photos from a folder on my desktop: these appear in Safari, but do not show up in Chrome or Firefox.

Have checked FTP and the images are there

I’m using rapidweaver 5. Any help greatly appreciated!
Many thanks,

Hi Alex,

What RW 5 version are you using?
If I remember well I had a similar issue with versions older than 5.4.1

Nice site BTW


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Hi Peppermint,

Thanks very much for your reply!
Rapidweaver version is 5.4 (14040)
I presume that is 5.4.1?

Many thanks,

I think you use RW 5.4

With 5.4, I have the same problem. No images. Not with RW 5.3.2 and RW 5.4.1.

Download here version 5.4.1

Open, save und re-publish all files.


Hi Oscar and Peppermint,

Many thanks to you both for pointing me in the right direction.

It was a problem with RW 5.4 and updating to 5.4.1 has solved the problem.

Many thanks once again!

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