Blog with search - is it possible?

Hi All,
I am trying to build a blog and want to have its content searchable and also to be able to have updated by the client. The rest of the site does not require search (but ok to have it if blog only search is not possible).

The current blog is on Wordpress and the main site is a seperate web site.

The preference is to get rid of the WordPress blog and have it all inside RapidWeaver.

I have tried to use NiceFrame ( which imports the WP content, however I can’t quite get it looking perfect although of course the search function is there in WP.

The main requirement is for the client to be able to edit the blog, so am looking at Elixer graphics Alloy ( which looks fantastic as do all of Adams products but no blog search function.

So the preference is to have a solution that I can create inside RW, publish and the client can add posts/edit and also have a blog search.

Any of you wise and bright people out there have a solution?



Have you looked at TotalCms?

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