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Hi everyone,
I’ve been using the Blogger app for my travelblogs for the past years but since Google has decided to pull the plug on the app I’ve been looking for another solution to remotely update my Rapidblogs. I have found Armadillo, which looks great, but (as is the case with Blogger app & site) it needs an internet connection. So I’m looking for preferably an iPad app that works with Rapidweaver and has the possibility to save files locally until I have an internet connection.
I’m probably not the only one with this issue, but does anyone have a solution?

Pulse has an app for their CMS but i don’t know if you can work on it offline and sync it later. @yuzool?

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@Dragoness63 - where did you hear that Google is pulling the plug on Blogger?



Not yet I’m afraid @Dragoness63 / @jabostick

But if you use a Text Editor like IA Writer you could edit the files save them then transfer to your server later.

We’re looking at offline access for one day… :slight_smile:


+1 for IA Writer. I use it all the time to write blog posts on Mac, iPhone and iPad. It syncs perfectly too.

IA Writer - same here. Great product.

However, the ByWord app would let you write posts offline and then syncs with a number of blogging services like Blogger, Tumblr and Medium, so that might be a way forward as well. Although Joe Workman’s Tumblr stack has been retired, Will Woodgate’s fre MicroBlog stack lets you integrate a Tumblr blog into Rapidweaver and is still going strong.


There’s also BlogTouch for Blogger, but Byword looks to be the better of the two.

Byword’s fantastic but I switched to IA Writer when the updates dried up.

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Hi Rob,

Just the app, not the online version. On the Blogger Help forum they wrote this: “Usage for our iOS app is low, so we’ve decided to remove it and better streamline our tools for Blogger”.

Thanks for all your replies. I’ll look into the mentioned solutions, although it seems to me that they are only suitable for text and not for pictures. If only Rapidweaver would jump into the gap with a nice Blogger-style iPad/iPhone app with a sandbox :wink:

If you can write short HTML image tags e.g.:

<img src="">

Then you can add that in the IA writer etc txt files for Pulse CMS and that will work fine :slight_smile:

The images won’t appear in the IA writer file but once live on Pulse it will render :slight_smile:

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