Setting up a blog with RapidWeaver that can be updated on any device

Hi, I’ve been using rapidWeaver for a while and have a few simple sites that I use to update some blogs.
So here’s my dilemma I use one of the sites to blog our walking holiday but I also send pictures to that site which I link to within the blog pages. OK so far so good, and never an issue because I always took along my MacBook Air to do the heavy lifting. Now that device has gone and I only have an iMac and IOS devices. Of course I cannot take along the iMac with me, but on our next trip I’d like to continue the blog and be able to update the pictures gallery.
I could try and fiddle with my current site to change the ability to add to the blog and pictures but as I’m no web developer or coder I’m thinking the best option is to start afresh!

I know there are several different options out there to incorporate the ability to update my site via IOS devices, that’s only what I’ll have access the site. I’ll need to update photo’s and the blog, I would like to bring across my current blog’s but if worse comes to worse I’ll copy across what I’ve done so far.
So my question is which option is the easiest to set up to enable this functionality from the start?

Oh and by the way RapidWeaver team, moving forward I think an IOS addon to the RapidWeaver application to allow update functionality, is not a requirement but a MUST :wink:


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For photos you may want to consider Joe Workman’s Easy CMS or Total CMS products. Others rave about these 2 products. There may be other solutions that I’m not thinking of. … Oops, one more might be Will Woodgate’s new ProGallery stack. You could update if you had some iOS way to FTP new images to a server (I don’t know if this is possible). At any rate with ProGallery you have an “easy warehouse” option where any image in a particular folder at your server location will be added to the gallery.

As for blogging I’d highly recommend Armadillo. Really brilliant. Once set up on your Mac then you can later add posts via iOS, library computer, really anything that has access to the web. First rate all around.

Panic Inc has an IOS app and OSX Client called Transmit…

Don’t buy Transmit through the MAS, but rather at Panic Inc as the updates get pushed much faster, as for IOS version, no choice but to use the app store.

Just an FYI

With Joe’s Tumblr stack, you can blog from any device or if you have it set up right, you can even email in blog posts.

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I’d use a Tumblr blog. Easy to update from anywhere (there’s an iOS client) and it’s a nice platform.

Will Woodgate has a free stack Microblog which will let you display the blog on a Stacks page.


I guess you’ve heard about You are able to integrate a Blog into RapidWeaver with help of Blog Stack.

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Thanks for the mention. There’s some further information and reviews here about the MicroBlog stack:

It’s the same stack I use for the new blog page on the Stacks4Stacks website. I needed a simple solution that would let me quickly update the blog from anywhere or repost interesting stuff sent to me. The official Tumblr apps for Android and iOS are particularly nice to work with, for creating new blog entries.

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We have no plans for an iOS version of RapidWeaver. iOS doesn’t support third-party plugins, and RapidWeaver is specifically built for the Mac. may meet your needs, however.



Cheers will take a look, though my biggest issue is the pictures gallery that I’d like to keep updating also. It seems the integration of blogging is not the main issue.

Cheers Mathew this is the biggest issue, I’m not really a developer just a hobbyist who likes to do his own thing probably that’s my downfall.

Hi Turtle, not really into FTP clients and working mainly off an IOS device would like it as straight forward as I can make it.

@nikf OK I understand the Co’s position, I assume that my requirement is away from what people are doing, I’ll just have to live with trying to find an alternative, I did look at typed but it doesn’t do what I’d like.