Blogging with audio

I would like to stop using the RW blog plug-in, and I need to have pages with images, videos and audio.

Would the Poster stack allow me to use my stacks4stacks audio stacks in my posts, along with images and film?

I bought Armadillo in the past and installed it to the point that it looked like it was working. Then I didn’t use it and I’m not sure I even remember how it works. Armadillo is a stack, but does it allow to use stacks in the posts? If I took the effort to reinstall it, would I be able to use my audio stacks?

Poster Stack has an inbuilt audio stack coming with.

As stacks4stacks has several audio players, which one do you use in detail? AudioPlayer | Stacks4Stacks ?

That’s the one I’m using, and I like the ability to get different designs, but I use it in transparent mode.
Here is an example of what I would like to do in an easier way: this is a page that has been done in a Stacks page and @imported into the RW Blog. I use films in other pages, as well.

I will test this audio stack and let you know.

Thanks Jannis!

I also like this one and wonder if it would be usable:
Multiplayer by RWExtras

Here it is set as an audio player:

I tested both, all working fine inside Poster Stack.


Looks promising!

About my initial question, could I use my audio stacks in Armadillo, if I decided to finally use it?

You aren’t able to use stacks inside Armadillo content.

Thanks Jannis, so it looks like the Poster stack may be the best solution for my need. I want to look at your other stacks before I buy, to decide if I may take the bundle or not.

Sure, get back to me if you need additional help.

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