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I was a user of the RapidBlog plug in so I was so excited to hear about the new Blogspot Stack. I bought it today and have gone through and updated all of my blogs on my home page to use this instead of RapidBlog. The pages mostly work, but I am having an issue with embedded videos, where I just get an empty code box instead of seeing the embedded videos.

You can see all the links on my blog at and here is a specific page link and here is a link to that same post on blogger .

And here is the code I am using on blogger to embed the video:

The Misadventures of Bear 04 VFX Tests Hallway Green Screen Tests V2 from Jonah Lee Walker on Vimeo.

I also tried a test with a youtube link and got the same results.

I am on Mac OS X 10.3.2 and have tried Firefox 60.0b5 as well as Safari 11.0.2 as well as Safari on the latest iOS and am getting the same results.

I have sent an e-mail to Marc and hope to hear from him soon.

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The actual embed code works because I’ve just dropped it into an HTML stack here and can see the video in Preview. I don’t own the stack I’m afraid, but it sounds like something the author will be able to help with. Sometimes helps to flag them on here as well using @ and their forum name.


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When I look at your html I see the vimeo video inside a code div. When I placed my video in the blogger editor I started off with the text description, a couple of <br />s and then the link from embed portion of the vimeo video’s share popup.


<p>my text</p>
<br />
<br />
<iframe link copied from the vimeo video share</iframe>

In other words blogspot is not seeing the embed code as a video so don’t place the vimeo video iframe code in any sort of extra div such as code or preformatted. And paste the link while in blogger’s html tab!

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Marc got back to with 2 solutions! And they both work! Awesome customer service! And thanks for the help.

I found the cause: Your theme.

It styles the element in such a way that the video is hidden.

What you can do is either one of two:

(a) Keep using the tag, add CSS to correct theme-styles:

If you add the following CSS to your blog-page, the video will show: code { display: block !important; }
That leaves you still with other styling, like the border.

(b) If it’s the just the monospaced font you want, change your tags into tags.
is also styled by your theme, but better.

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