Blogs A Constant Source of Redirect Errors

Constant Redirect Errors from Blogs, Keeps my Website in a constant state of flux and worry. Today I dropped -10% again on SEM Rush. Why can’t we get canonical right with a basic blog site?

I don’t know what you are showing us? Are you having an issue with redirects not working? Or is this some ”SEO” reported problem?

I would bet that most of us have never seen the report you have a screenshot of before, and it’s not apparent what it suggests is wrong.

God forbid you accidentally use any keywords or enable tags, its like the finger of death from Google. I wonder if it’s just better to create separate web pages over this nightmare blog feature.

I know that it doesn’t help your described problem with the inbuilt blog, just want to mention that Poster Stack includes separate metadata for the different blog posts.

I think the same is true for a Total CMS blog.

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