Problems with RW7.1 and the blog plug-in

I have had a problem with the last few betas of RW7.1 and this has continued into the release version.

Basically, In the last two betas (it may have been more) and the release version, I had one particular site (of over 330 pages) including a blog, that crashed over and over again. Each time struggling to export and publish. Eventually I managed to export the site to a local folder and upload it using Transmit.

I saw a thread about de-selecting ‘Consolidate CSS files’ as a way of solving another problem with the blog plug-in. I have now pinned the cause down exactly. After loads of experimenting I saw a thread on the forum about problems with the blog plug-in, which some had ‘solved’ by unselecting ‘Consolidate CSS Files’. So I did so as well, the site exporting and uploading, albeit VERY slowly.

I took a deep breath and deleted my blog, which went back four and a half years and reselected ‘Consolidate CSS Files’. I saved and uploaded the changes and Hey Presto, all the problems have disappeared. I can change content and add pages quickly again.

I would have liked to save my blog though . . . . .