Blue Screen by using Go CMS Unlimited

Hello! I bought the Go CMS Unlimited stacks and licensed them already. But every time I want to preview the page in my browser, I only see a blue screen. With the shortcut to admin the page I can see the editing page then, but as a normal visitor of the page, you can’t see anything except the blue screen.

Does anybody know anything about this problem?

Double-check you configured the license key correctly.

If that doesn’t solve the problem you need to contact @yabdab support or at least a URL to the page.

Looks like you are using the Page Lock stack?

If so, then you need to login ( Control-shift-x ) to get passed the “Lock” screen.

I’m using the Go Lock stack, which was in the Go CMS bundle.

And does the control > shift > x key combination not bring up the login screen?

The problem is solved, thank you very much for your fast responses!

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