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I just purchased Go CMS (I’m making a site that a client will need to be able to edit), but the documentation links lead nowhere, and I can’t find any other links to the how-to files no matter where I look. Can someone point me to them? What I’m doing isn’t working–I put a Go Base stack in a sample page, and then I put a content stack on that page just to test it out, but when I try to view it, I just get an error message about something or other being too long. I have no idea how or where I’d set up passwords for the client, but I think first I need to get it to view correctly before I worry about that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The link on the GO CMS page to Documentation on the @yabdab site seems to work just fine:


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I’ve seen that page, but I can’t find a single thing on it relevant to setting up and using CMS–there are a few things that seem to be telling you how to use a demo, and that’s it. The Nick Cates links that lead nowhere were supposed to be for “Getting Started with Go for Rapidweaver” and “Full Go Documentation.” Those would be helpful.

There is everything you need on the pages that David linked. The most important one is for the GoCMS key file that has to be installed in your resources in RW.

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The links on the documentation page provided by @thang work fine. The initial setup of the license key and password is described here


Hope this gets you over the first initial step ?

(Jonathan beat me, lol)

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Thanks–I hadn’t realized the relevance of the doc, given the title. But because I’m an idiot, I seem to have managed to delete beyond recovery both the original folder containing the php file that I need, and the email with my license (I NEVER do that, but I can’t find it, so the conclusion is inescapable). I guess I’ll have to contact Yabdab and ask them to resend. Thanks for your help; I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again before too much time has passed!

Good luck - I have made good experiences with Yabdab’s service. Mike @yabdab was always responsive and helpful.

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I would look for your email and help you get things started :wink:

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