Booking System – Appointment Booking and Scheduling – Widget

Hello everybody,

I am looking for a stack or a piece of a code to be used as a widget for booking and scheduling appointments.
It should also let my customers follow and control the booking process through a stepped line and be linked with a landing page for transactions.

I have been searching hard around and yesterday I found something pretty good but unfortunately it works as a plugin with WordPress only:

I would definitely prefer some solutions to be under my whole control rather than an outsourced service. FormLoom 4 and Booking stacks seemed to be good candidates for fitting my needs but actually lack some important features I would like to use. But I am not a developer so I am here to learn rather than sentencing.

The idea I have got in my mind can be well explained with a few screenshots from a website I have picked up as my ideal benchmark.
Actually in that site an Availability Calendar – showing the free days only – is put together with a Scheduler and with the Booking Options, allowing the customer checking the whole process, in a very clear and nice way.

Thanks anybody for their valuable help and suggestions.

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