Recommended Web Booking Service for Rapidweaver Websites

Hi All, I’m building a website for someone who is launching a cat hotel. The client requires an on-line booking/scheduling service, preferably in the cloud. The nearest thing to what she is looking for is ‘Shedul’ with its client management, mobile app, activity dashboard, reminder email, booking and scheduling features. The only problem with this service is for the salon and spa industries only !!

Can anyone recommend/or has any experience in setting up a similar on-line bookings and if so what would you recommend we use ?? Looking for something with easy integration with Rapidweaver wbsites.

Before you all tell me about Yuzools booking stack, unfortunately we’re looking for something with a bit more functionality. My client is also working on a mac so integration into her ical calendar would be advantageous. Kind Regards | Justin

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I’m not sure this will be the solution for you but … I use Calendly (for a very different reason). They have a free and paid versions. I believe you’ll need a paid version. The key is Calendly offers integrations with several other services (this is where the money collection integration would come in). At the least it’s worth a look:


Again … I don’t know if Calendly plus something like PayPal or Stripe is the best solution for you but certainly worth a look.

and another thought: is there really a reason Schedul won’t work for you? I know it’s promoted as being for spas and salons … but do those exact words every appear when you set it up for a customer? It may be that it will still work for you. Definitely worth sending them an email and asking.

If I was them I’d market to spas and salons also: it’s more direct, there’s a ton of them, and it’s a real problem for those folks (often mom & pop businesses). But I have a feeling it may also work with your cat hotel business.

There’s also:

Same marketing as Schedule but may be more adaptable to your needs (only guessing). It’s the service my barber uses and it works great.

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Thanks for the quick reply Matthew Mitchell. On investigating Calendly it would appear that this is for organising meetings across individuals all with different calendars and it would appear to lack the functionality that Shedul has. In setting up a ‘dummy’ account with Shedul it asks for you to align your business with a range of salon and spa categories, so very difficult to get away from this particular industry ! Thanks but still open to suggestions that dont involve eyelashes, nail bars or hair products :slight_smile: Kind Regards | Justin

Do you need to take payment online?

I have a doctor client that uses this

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