Mirage 4 Now Available

Mirage 4

A complete rewrite of this former Nimblehost theme. This update has focused on simplification of the underlying source code (meaning faster and smoother loading pages) and reorganization of many style and color settings. Less frequently changed options have been removed, so the theme is less intimidating to new users, but can still be extensively modified with custom CSS, HTML and suchlike.

For the first time, Mirage is now built on Twitter Bootstrap 4, and this theme can also boast support for Font Awesome 4.7, jQuery 2, FreeStyle banners, RW7 banners, Nivo lightbox, responsive video embeds and retina display optimized images.

Another noteworthy feature of Mirage is that its the first theme to pilot our brand new RW-Font-Kit plugin, which lets you instantly access and choose to use well-over 100 web safe and popular embedded font faces. These fonts can be applied to the body content and headings etc. No code or theme modification required - just select the font face and prefered font weight in the theme style settings.

Altogether, a really solid and highly customisable RapidWeaver theme. Mirage is perfect for a whole range of different web projects. Feedback from Beta tests has been extremely positive.

Updates are free for all existing users; available via Waterfall, your Paddle account or on request via email.

PLUS: Until Friday 2nd December 2016, Mirage is 25% off - $22.46 instead of $29.95. As part of the seyDesign Black Friday event.

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Hi Will,

I purchased Mirage 2 under Nimblehost. I haven’t received an email. Does this apply to me?

not sue how to remove sidebar in when viewing in iPhone mode, removed in full screen by ticking sidebar none

getting strange positioning of header, if i do not have banner, is this intentional

navbar disappears in certain combinations, again probably related to banner