Images turn into blue square with?

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Good Evening Weavers!

Continuing my streak (2nd post ever) my question is about images in my RapidWeaver project. Is there a way to store these in my RapidWeaver project file so I don’t have to keep loading them from my desktop or USB drive when I’m working on my project?

My situation is that I have a mac mini and a macbook pro. I work on my site on both computers and I’ve been keeping my project on a USB jump. The drive has my RW project and a folder called “pics for website” original I know. This is how I get pics to my project: 1) I open the USB drive, 2) I select a photo 3) I drag the photo to the resources section in my RW project.

When I open the project on the other computer in the preview mode I only see a blue square with a question mark.

I’m looking forward to increasing my knowledge so thanks for any help in advance.

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Welcome to the RW world!

It’s best practice to keep your project and (its) resources (e.g. your images) on a computer, not an external, temporarily-mountable, volume such as a thumb drive. By all means use the thumb drive to transfer projects and files between computers (though don’t ever have a RW project open in two places at once).

You have two main options for integrating images into your project aside from dragging them into it and - as you have found - potentially confusing RW, which likes to have a semi-permanent path to them:

1 - Warehousing - where Joe Workman’s Warehouse Image stack is the frontrunner, and

2 - RW’s own Resources environment

Good luck - and do please come back to us here if you need more help with this :slight_smile: .

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I checked out the Warehouse stack and don’t think it’s what I’m looking for.
The RW page was helpful.