Browser Title not transferred from RW6 to RW7 bug

Just did some quick testing with RW7 and noticed the following issues.

RW7 crashed while opening my first RW6 file. I got a brief error saying that my Foundation theme was not present which it certainly is present in my working RW6.

After a restart, I opened the RW file created from the RW6 file, and noticed that the Browser Title for the Home page was missing. Also, the text “my-page” was entered in the Meta Data folder.

So I quit RW7, restarted it and opened the same RW6 file again. I got a large Error message saying a converted file already existed, etc, etc… The “Reveal in Finder” button only took me to the containing folder and not the actual file. So I located and deleted the RW file and then loaded the original RW6 file which got converted to an RW file with no error message. However, the Home page Browser Title is still blank.

I checked the original file in RW6 and the Home page Title is present.

Update. I rebooted my Mac, and went through the same process and this time the missing Browser Title is now correct and present. Perhaps that first RW7 crash upset things. I sent in a crash report.

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