RW 8.6.1 Having Serious Theme Issues after Upgrade



I just ran the RapidWeaver 8 Upgrade last night (Version 8.6.1 (20831). After the upgrade, RapidWeaver will no longer let me choose theme options with the “Abstract” theme from Elixir Graphics.

This is a serious problem because I use this theme for most of my sites.

I’m using Mac OS X 10.15.4 and I need help.

Attached is a screenshot of the RapidWeaver error.

I’ve also included a short movie showing the problem.

Here’s the Movie Link (showing the error):

Here is the screen shot:


This might be one for @tpbradley or @dan to look at since the custom theme styles are handled by RapidWeaver.

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Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

What version were you using before the update? 8.6 or 8.5.1?

Could you send the project file and theme to dan at realmac doftware dot com so we can take a look at what is going wrong.

If you want to get back up and running, you can download and use a previous version for now:

Many Thanks

@dan Okay. Will do!

@dan I downgraded RapidWeaver to the version I had before but I still have the same issue. Have you been able to replicate the problem?

The theme appears to work fine in the latest version of RapidWeaver. Did you manage to re-create the issue in a new project? perhaps give that a go…

@dan Yes. I created a brand new project and I still have the issue. I’m using RapidWeaver 8.6.1. Here’s a new video:

Can you send myself and @Elixir that RapidWeaver project file.

I’ll send it to you as a DM.

@Elixir - do I need to do anything?

I sent your project to Dan. He may or may not need other info from you.

@Elixir Thanks man!

@Elixir @dan - any luck on this? I’ve got to do a pretty serious sales update tomorrow on my guitar site.

Hey ChrisMitchell,

What system are you on? 10.14 or 10.15?


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He stated in his first post

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It’s ok, we’ve found the source of the problem. It’s caused by having a theme style called “Theme Default”. Simply deleting this theme style will get you going again. We’re also adding some validation into RapidWeaver so this problem shouldn’t happen again.



@tpbradley @dan Thanks for fixing this! I downloaded the update and all seems to be fine now!


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