Stacks v3.6.6 -- Small bug fix

Stacks v3.6.6 is a tiny update. It incorporates a compatibility fix for RapidWeaver v8.1.x and pulls back a few fixes that we’ve found while working on Stacks 4. None of these is critical, all were somewhat exotic use-cases and none had any effect on your published content or saved files.

RapidWeaver should auto-update to this version next time you launch RapidWeaver. Make sure to backup first, not because this is a big update, but it’s always a good idea.

If the auto-update fails for any reason, or you just want to grab a fresh download, you can head over to our site and click the big download button on the Stacks page.

If you ever need to roll back to an older version, you can grab that older versions on the YourHead Archive.

Here’s the direct download link and a link to the release notes too.
Release Notes:

BTW: did you know that you can click on the items in release notes and directly see the specific bug that was fixed. Pretty nifty, right?!


Thanks Isaiah, auto-update completed successfully :smile:

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