Bug in RapidWeaver 7.3

@dan If you have Foundation and Foundry installed and open up RW7 with just one Foundry file, the Help shows Foundation Support in the drop down menu.

Also there doesn’t appear to be a link from RW7 to report an issue and I couldn’t find a way to report an issue on the RM site.

I have both Foundation and Foundry installed in RW7. When I open my Foundry project and open Help, “Foundry Support” shows in the drop down help menu. I do not see the problem as you describe it.

ZeeBee explained in another thread that the Help Support link is derived from the Master Theme settings and not from the Theme you are using. This means that if you are using a theme that is different to the Master Theme then the Support link is incorrect and doesn’t function as a support link.

@Psalm66_ Is your Master Theme set to Foundry?

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