Bug report for 8.3

Didn’t know where else to place this but needed to tell you what I’d found.

I might have another bug for you when uploading, this might be normal, but RW8.3 uploads great when I’m at home, however, I"m at a Mexican Restaurant and the crowd is minimal right now. Not may at all using the WiFi but me.

Why would my ftp upload just time out but it works from home without a problem?
And the 2nd error message is very cryptic and not useful at all.
However, I perform the “Test” from the Publish page and the test is PERFECT.

THEN, RW8.3 Hangs and I must force quit it because it never comes back after issuing these error messages.


P.S. Partial Solution
1, When the ftp server is at MAX users allowed, it rejects any further login attempts and returns an error:

|Error: |Could not connect to server|
|Status: |Waiting to retry…|
|Status: |Resolving address of ftp.byethost33.com|
|Status: |Connecting to…|
|Status: |Connection established, waiting for welcome message…|
|Response: |421 3900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry|
|Error: |Could not connect to server|

This condition is causing RW8.3 to hang and not recover from this error condition with the ftp server

Could well be because the path through the Internet’s complex network of servers and relays is different; and may even be causing the failures you’re seeing.

I have surmised that the problem is this: The ftp server where I’m uploading my test site to is returning error conditions that RW 8.3 is not handling but instead simply hangs.

This pattern:
Publish to already full site
Publish eventually fails
RW 8.3 hangs while Publish dialog box is displayed or just after the drop down publish dialog box ascends and is hidden again.

That pattern is too consistent.
The site I’m using, actually sites, are:

  1. 000webhost
  2. ifastNet also known as Byethost33.com

Thx for replying though. :smile:

Not sure if this is going to help, but my FTP is blocked when I use my Tmobile hotspot … while trying to update via RW it simply hangs there and just spits random errors. Could it be that the restaurants WiFi is blocking FTP access as well?

What still works is accessing my server via the control panel of my host providers website.

Can you try accessing your server via FTP client? I am using ForkLift, but anything will do … if you can’t then the FTP is blocked.

If it works from home and then doesn’t work from a public WiFi, it’s probably being blocked by the WiFi. Test it with a stand alone FTP like FileZilla(Free). You could also try using SFTP instead of FTP. That would be less likely to be blocked on public WiFi’s. It uses different ports and is just a secure shell as far as the WiFI is concerned. They can’t tell you’re transmitting files.

Yea, usually at restaurants, they don’t use a mobile carrier to provide wifi. I’ve tried File Zilla and that’s where I got more detailed error messages.

So @ the restaurant and at home using File Zilla or RW, the results are the same.

RW8.3 just needs to recover more gracefully instead of hanging. Nothing anyone can do with too many users logged in ahead of me.

I’m going to try another free hosting site too and see if they connectivity is better.

Wednesdays for 000webhost and ifastNet (both free services) is horrible!!!

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