Bug with Site-wide Code

(Gary Loch) #1

Is there a way to fix this? For weeks it’s worked fine but now the Site-wide code I entered (some custom CSS that places a background image in the sidebar and an EC area) now only works for the home page. It works if I place the code into the Custom CSS tab page by page. I have checked and double checked that the other pages are using the Master Style.

(Mark Sealey) #2


It couldn’t be that the image is included in the CSS like this:

background-image: url("background.gif");

could it?

And that so the path to the resource is right for the home page because it’s in the same directory; but wrong for every other page because it’s not?

(Gary Loch) #3

Hi Mark. This was my assumption too but doesn’t explain how/why it worked faultlessly for weeks. It’s all fine again now that each page has its custom css in place. Just a shame the site wide code cannot work in this instance.

(Mark Sealey) #4

You’ll get errors if the path is wrong. What happens when you Inspect Element and/or try and open the image in question in another window etc?

It really ought to work. Good luck!

(Nik Fletcher) #5

If all your pages were in the same folder, that would explain things. If you’ve got a project file that we can take a look at, we’d be happy to look into this.

(Gary Loch) #6

Thanks Nik. How shall I get the project file to you?

(Nik Fletcher) #7