Bug Report: @import in a CSS theme variation causes Minification to fail

(Adam Shiver) #1

@simon: Working on a new theme design and running into a RW bug. When I add an @import to a CSS theme variation file to import a Google Font, and the Minify CSS and Javascript feature is enabled, the consolidated CSS file gets truncated at that @import location. The output stops at the colon in the web address. Here’s a look at the last few lines of the consolidated CSS file for the theme:

font-size: 32px;}}@media (min-width: 48em) and (max-width: 61.9em) {#banner-contents h1.site-title { font-size: 48px;}}@media (min-width: 62em) and (max-width: 74.9em) {#banner-contents h1.site-title { font-size: 64px;}}@media (min-width: 75em) {#banner-contents h1.site-title { font-size: 84px;}}@import "https:

If I disable the Minify CSS and Javascript feature all is well again.

Bug Report: Incorrect URL when using %banner_path% variable in theme
(Simon Maddox) #2

Thanks for the report, @Elixir. We’ll look into it :slight_smile:

(Adam Shiver) #3

Thanks. Much appreciated!

(Adam Shiver) #4

@simon: There seems to also be problems associated with using @import with Google fonts in a theme variation when using the Consolidate CSS files option as well. :unamused:

It thankfully doesn’t truncate the URL like the Minify feature is doing, but it is certainly not loading them properly it looks like.

(Adam Shiver) #5

While I’m at it, finding bugs with Minify and Consolidate – Does Minify not work unless CSS Consolidation is turned on?