Bug Report: @import in a CSS theme variation causes Minification to fail

@simon: Working on a new theme design and running into a RW bug. When I add an @import to a CSS theme variation file to import a Google Font, and the Minify CSS and Javascript feature is enabled, the consolidated CSS file gets truncated at that @import location. The output stops at the colon in the web address. Here’s a look at the last few lines of the consolidated CSS file for the theme:

font-size: 32px;}}@media (min-width: 48em) and (max-width: 61.9em) {#banner-contents h1.site-title { font-size: 48px;}}@media (min-width: 62em) and (max-width: 74.9em) {#banner-contents h1.site-title { font-size: 64px;}}@media (min-width: 75em) {#banner-contents h1.site-title { font-size: 84px;}}@import "https:

If I disable the Minify CSS and Javascript feature all is well again.

Thanks for the report, @Elixir. We’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Thanks. Much appreciated!

@simon: There seems to also be problems associated with using @import with Google fonts in a theme variation when using the Consolidate CSS files option as well. :unamused:

It thankfully doesn’t truncate the URL like the Minify feature is doing, but it is certainly not loading them properly it looks like.

While I’m at it, finding bugs with Minify and Consolidate – Does Minify not work unless CSS Consolidation is turned on?