Building an e-commerce site for artist wife

Probably a broad question but here it goes…
My wife is a painter (canvas not house) and we want to get her a website up.
She wants to show the goods (paintings) and give people the option to order prints and actual paintings.

What do you recommend?

Cartloom. Works great with Rapidweaver and any other platform. They handle the whole storefront so you don’t have to have SSL.

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Great! If anyone has examples of a RW site with portfolios and e-commerce or Cartloom, I’d love to see seem.

I used Cartloom here

Its not a great example becuse its only 3 items and they are downloads. But you will see the freedom of creating any layout and then adding the buy buttons. (Or you can use their layout) Also the order look up button is great. There are less expensive ways to do ecommerce within Rapidweaver. But I think cartloom is the slickest. Love the payment box etc. It inspires confidence !

You can try it for free. I found it a joy to use !


Let’s go simple…

Ecwid is also worth a look. The version with 10 products or less is free.

ADDENDUM: I’m also pretty sure that if you sign up for the free version, they’ll offer you a discount for their paid-for plans.

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Hello @zamboknee ,

Ecwid is another option, you can easily setup your store and integrate it within a RW project, especially if using my Ecwid Stacks. You can highly customize the look of the store to fit your needs. With Ecwid you can select a free plan to start or one of 3 paid plans. If paid yearly you save some money as well.

Click here to sign up for free plan, that way you can get a feel for it. Once you get a feel for it, you can select a paid plan that fits your needs. Keep in mind that a paid plan unlocks many additional features,

Here are a couple examples of Ecwid Stores for art, using RW and the Ecwid Stacks.



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