Building and sharing stack

I just started using RapidWeaver and it an awesome application.

I am using many of Joe’s stacks for my web projects but I knew I would have to evenly start making my own stacks since there are codes that I use in many of my web projects like fancier rulers etc.

I was wondering if there is a web site out there where developers can share stacks that they created with other. I am willing to share all the stacks that I created but I am looking for a site to share it and chat with other stack developers.

Anyone know a good stack site or this forum is the place?

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This is the place to start looking

I would also join

it is a slack channel you can ask questions on.

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Actually, that’s just where to file bugs.

Here’s where you need to go:

  1. Check out the Stacks API here:

  2. Download an example from the YourHead GitHub:

  3. Sign on to the YourHead Slack and ask questions:



Sorry about that @isaiah, thought I had the right info. Thanks for correcting me. Isaiah did an excellent job on the RapidWeaver Conference showing how to build a stack as well, you can still get the videos here:

Unless the video is all subtitled, it would do me no good. I am Deaf since birth :slight_smile:


Probably best to just go with the samples and documentation then. And feel free to ask questions.

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