Making stacks for Stacks?

Is there any documentation how to develop plugins for RapidWeaver and creating stacks for Stacks?

I found this tool:
Is this still working and being updated?


The StackDeveloper from Doobox still works fine. It gives you a skeleton stack with controls and a “base” empty code area.

As for documentation on the stacks API:
There is a slack channel from YourHead as well:

As for the "plugin and Theme, SDK’s the used to be kept on GitHub:

One refers you to a Wiki that doesn’t have anything on it. The other refers to a Knowledge Base that gets a 404.
@dan, @ben @tpbradley might be able to help with that.


Thanks, very helpful!

There are some example stacks on GitHub too. Check out this one: GitHub - yourhead/ImageFunStack: A complete demo stack that uses new Stacks 3 API, jQuery, and a inline images.

There are other that just show all the possible controls and give examples of expressions, etc. The GitHub account is, look through:


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