Bullet / Unordered Lists

Hi Everyone.

I am working on my lists, and I am having trouble using the bullets / Lists. The built in solution seems to be extremely limited. I find this strange since this is a basic HTML function. I am wondering if I am missing something. I am working within a Foundation Site.

I need to be able to do the following with my lists.

  1. Indent List with Bullet
  2. Add a secondary sub-list that indents again
  3. Be able to change the colour of the Bullet.

This is basic HTML, But I don’t want to have to code all this stuff.

Any help would be great. The page I am currently working on is here: Global Operation for SPS


I really like this solution from Doobox. Very powerful.

Would also be worth checking on http://rapidweavercentral.info/

Good luck,

I know you don’t want to code but some of the suggestions here would need little more than copy and paste.


I ended up just creating what I needed in Dreamweaver in 2 seconds and moving the code and Paragraph tag over to RW within an HTML stack. Something this simple should be baked into RW. Oh well.

Dreamweaver is not a theme-based tool. So changing the style is something that’s left to the user to do by hand.

RW is theme based. It puts this responsibility in the theme. The idea is to simplify the tool and put the design work in the hand of professional designers.

Mostly simplicity comes at the cost of customizability. (not always, but mostly). Every tool makes these tradeoffs a little bit differently.

Chisels and screwdrivers are both similar tools (as are RW and DW) – but they have different specialties. This is a good thing. :slight_smile:

Go with the flow. Swim with the current. And all that… Whatever tool you choose, using it the way it was designed to be used tends work best.

Since RW puts content styles in the themes – your best bet is to just use a theme that styles the content in the way you like. Or, for the more control, customize the theme to work the way you want. I think there was a podcast episode with Adam from Elixir on theme customization.