Am I using the 'list' bullet point option wrong?

Hi there,

Why is it that I’ve never been able to use the ‘list’ option successfully?

Whenever I drag in some unformatted text into a clean text box, highlight the text and choose ‘list’, pick a simple bullet and click ok, what I get in preview is definitely NOT what I see in publish (See screen grab). The left pic is in preview and the right pic is what actually shows up.


HHmm, I’ve never made an unordered list using the workflow that you describe.

Perhaps it has something to do with highlighting all the text and then creating the list.

Have you tried making the first bulleted item and then using “return” key to create a bullet for the next item?

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Ah. That would do it. Works perfectly doing it THAT way. DOH. Thanks :wink:

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