Nested List using Markdown: Unwanted space after nested bullets

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I’m finding Markdown a good way to get nested bullet points which are not really viable using the RW ‘List’ function. However, when the nested list ends and the first level bullets are used, there is a line space that I don’t always want. See below:
Any Markdown specialists know what I’m doing wrong - if anything? Here’s the way it looks in Edit mode:


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Just to add - this doesn’t happen in the Lister stack with Markdown selected. However, in Lister there appears to be no way to use a different image for the nested section

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Also doesn’t happen using the RW markdown plug in. Maybe something to do with the Markdown stack I’m using - from Bryn Owen?

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How about trying the Yourhead Markdown stack (comes with stacks)?

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weird but I don’t have it! I’ll go hunting!

Further experiments however show that this is only happening in the Bryn Jones Markdown stack when used in a Nick Cates theme! The stack is fine in other themes and the Built in page is fine in Nick Cates themes.

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Me being stoopid! I have a Bryn Jones header beneath and didn’t look correctly: the one I have IS the yourhead stack. Apologies to Bryn!

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I don’t get that. Not sure how you’re getting nested, using tab?

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In the theme Alpha with a built-in Markdown stack I see this:


The margins around <ul> and <ol> (the list tags) are often styled by themes. My guess is that the issue is theme dependent. A quick switch to another theme would let you know.

If it doesn’t seem to be a theme issue then we’ll probably have to have a closer look at the file to see where the extra space is coming from. Because it doesn’t seem to be coming from Stacks or the built-in Markdown stack.


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Yes - as mentioned above this is theme dependant - only happens in several Nick Cates themes - although the markdown page plug-in doesn’t have this issue

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either tab or 4 spaces - makes no difference

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“as mentioned above this is theme dependent”

ok. i’m not sure what assistance you’re searching for then. perhaps you should contact the theme developer directly? or are you looking for some custom CSS advice? if so… i’ll leave you in the hands of the forum users, they seem pretty good with that stuff. :slight_smile:

“although the markdown page plug-in doesn’t have this issue”

all the built-in text-like stacks are simply wrappers around the RapidWeaver API functionality. so a Text stack should produce identical output to a Styled Text page and a Markdown stack will produce identical output to a Markdown page and the HTML stack should be just like an HTML page.

however there are still bits of the page that identify it as a Stacks page – and a theme can (and often does) take advantage of that to style things a little differently. it’s quite possible (and perhaps intentional) that identical content will look different on a Stacks page in some themes.

but i’m speaking in very loose generalities which i think may or may not be applicable to your case (or the cases of others reading this) and i should probably stop here until i have more specific info and can speak in more concrete terms about what’s going on.

if you provide a file and a theme i can give you very specific info about what’s happening and why. :slight_smile:


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