Bullets for the battle

Recently one of the IT genius that work for the company, came to the office to help me with the server that the company used, in which there’s a space for the town webpage.

As a Microsoft tech, I think is bias. He changed the setting for my RW, since then everything was chaos. When I return to work he upload the site using an FTP program. Not the RW one.

I have been using the same server for nearly seven years using RW upload program, without any big problems. Easier and now faster.

What the advantage of using and ftp program, than the RW one? I am not a techy, but can manage some my own problems. How can I combat his approach?

Thanks in advance, as always.

I use Yummy FTP watcher


and export to a local folder from RW. Then FTP Watcher automatically uploads the site. It really is a nice work flow. I don’t how to express myself very clearly, but I can say I like use the FTP program to upload my RW site because it seems more seamless, the site seems to update every change without issues, and once it’s set up then I can delete the entire site from my local and re-publish all files without any issues all from my local machine.

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I use Yummy FTP and love it. MUCH faster, more dependable, can do automatic uploads and downloads, sync the server down to a local folder for YOUR OWN backup (including invisible files, htaccess, log files, etc)

Plus you see and learn when you export locally and upload. You also see on a daily basis your files on your server and you can maintain old outdated stuff. (Like that test file you uploaded 3 years ago, and those old images that are not used any longer.)

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Thanks Guys I will try Yummy…

Just an FYI that a user on the other forum posted a bundle deal today that has Yummy FTP Pro included… https://uneeqco.com/shop/uneeqs-awesome-mac-bundle-5/?ap_id=theescapers

If you have a need for any of the other apps in this bundle, might be worth a look…