Documentation on using FTP client to upload and sync?

Does RW have any documentation on using a FTP client (like Yummy) to upload and then sync my website to my host/server.

Since updating to the latest version of RW 7, every time I make even the slightest change to my site, the entire site (consisting of over 900 files) is uploaded.

This was not happening in RW 6. Is there a fix for this in RW 7?

I would think that the FTP software you are using would provide their own documentation on how to synchronise an offsite website with an online (published) website.

For example if you are using Cyberduck, they have a page here on their support site abut syncronising files:

Same with Forklift, which is the other FTP software I use for uploading and managing some RapidWeaver websites with:

Hello Will,

What does “unpack portable document” mean?

and how does this correspond with exporting a site?

I think that I’d have to export the site and then sync it via Yummy etc.

but when I export the site it overwrites the existing files on my local machine etc? More details regarding the RW side of this process would be appreciated.

Thanks for your support,

As for RW… no doc is really needed because it’s only role is to output the html/php page files. See page 29 of the RW PDF instruction doc. Once you have your files locally in a folder you simply use an FTP app to upload them.

By the way… I never use the Publish Site feature… I exclusely publish single pages or parent pages with sub-pages. If you set-up your parent pages and child pages well (in logical sections) this works great. You can publish single pages or entire sections easily. I never “Publish site.”

This works great for me… both for publishing (uploading) to the server and exporting to local folder.

Hi Devananda,

Yummy FTP Watcher has features where you can create a filter to auto sync “if a file/folder is less than X minutes old”. That might likely save you some time from the bulk transfers.