Rapidweaver FTP not reliable

In the past with RW6 I had times when a published site would look correct at first glance but then I would occasionally discover certain functionality might be missing, even though it worked when previewed in RW. Uploading again with Yummy FTP would fix this.

The same thing has just happened for me now with RW7 and I’m finding it really hard to trust the FTP in RW. The big difference with RW7 was supposed to be FTP that actually works…

Something I’ve noticed frequently in the past is that if I tell Rapidweaver to republish all files it might upload say 300, whereas the exported site uploaded via Yummy might be anything up to 100 more. I can’t help feeling it should be the same number of files. It’s back to Yummy for me with FTP.

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I publish on a daily base and am still very very happy wih the FTP-part of RW7. Love it more and more. Stable and ultra-fast!

That’s good to hear but it’s not practical for me to spend time checking every element on every page whenever I publish just to see if they work as expected. At that point it’s quicker and more reliable just using a different FTP client.

Mmh. i don´t have the problem. Can you from sFTP to FTP or vice versa? Maybe this would reduce your problem…

I’ve battled with Rapidweaver FTP since the day I installed RW6 and while RW7 looks better it’s still not right. I’ve tried altering the upload speeds, paths and FTP options but while the tests always say everything is perfect I just don’t find it consistently reliable.

Sometimes it works perfectly but often it doesn’t and there is also a problem at the moment where it is failing to show the upload as complete and just hangs at the last part. I am then forced to press the cancel button after ten minutes of inactivity, even when everything has apparently finished. Frankly I find it a bit ridiculous having to use another FTP client when Rapidweaver is now at version 7 but it’s the only way I can achieve reliable uploads.

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Have you sent detailed bug reports to support@realmacsoftware.com? If not, please be sure to do so.

I mentioned some of the FTP issues during the beta testing period but they remain unresolved and I don’t really know if they are being actively studied at this stage, since I have heard nothing more.

The reason I started this thread was because I was frustrated to see the return of non functioning stacks following an upload. Once in the past I remember contacting you when I had unexpected problems with the Capsule stack that wouldn’t open but it was all solved when I switched to Yummy for the FTP upload. Today a social media stack from another developer was failing to respond when clicked on but once again uploading the site with Yummy fixed it.

I can totally understand feeling frustrated by something. During a major beta testing period developers can’t always respond to each bug report, and sometimes they even go missed. Things happen. That being said, not filing a bug report now for a bug you’re currently experiencing because you’ve done so in the past doesn’t help get it resolved now. Be sure to send along a nice detailed bug report and I’m sure @dan and the rest of the team will have a look and try and get things ironed out. It isn’t like they don’t want to fix things, right?! :smiley:

Bug report number one which I have mentioned to them previously is that the crash reporter in Rapidweaver has not worked for a good year covering RW6 and RW7.

Like I said, you can choose to voice your complaints here and we all will listen to them. Unfortunately though we cannot fix them for you. Or you can choose to email Realmac support (support@realmacsoftware.com) a detailed bug report with your problems, project file, etc and they can look into fixing them for you so you don’t have to be frustrated. I can listen for hours on end. I’m a good listener. But honestly that’s not going to do you too much good unless you just like talking to me. :wink:

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This was a bug in RapidWeaver 7.0 and should be fixed in the latest beta (RW 7.0.2), the release version should be out in the next few weeks.

if you’re having other FTP issues, you should follow all the advice here:http://kb.realmacsoftware.com/article/42-how-to-fix-ftp-publishing-issues

And as Adam says email support@realmacsoftware.com with any problems and we’ll do our bets to help you out :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.


I sent in several reports as a beta tester for RW7. It was me who first mentioned that .shtml pages didn’t appear in preview and it was also me who pointed out that previews don’t work with hot link protection enabled along with various other points about FTP and the non functioning crash reporter.

I’ve sent lots of reports…