Bundlehunt - is it worth it?

i’ve got a mail from www.bundlehunt.com, that looks very inexpensive. does anybody think that any of these app’s (except of course rapidweaver, which i have already have - obviously!) is of any use? it’s cheap, but is it worth cluttering up my hard disk?
thanks much, tomas

Why not but the entire Realmac catalogue from https://creatable.co/mac/the-mac-pick-a-bundle for $39 and chose some genuinely excellent other Apps like Pixa.

It has become quite a regular thing to see Realmac products being sold off in this manner.

$17.99? You can’t even buy an upgrade for that price. Yes - buy it. You don’t have to install the other apps or you can chose to delete them.

It does puzzle me how Realmac can make any money in this way, though it must be fantastic for theme and stack developers. It’s a sign of the times that so much is practically given away to simply attract people’s attention.

I bought it from bundlehunt before. There should be no problem. If you dont trust it, you can get it on each of their official site like MacBooster which I used a lot. http://www.macbooster.net/