Topic 'unlisted 12 hours ago'?


Yesterday I wrote a post about RapidWeaver being available in a bundle for $19.99 ( - seemed a good way of using it on more than two computers for those of us with multiple development machines. My post has disappeared and is now marked as ‘unlisted 12 hours ago by @dan’ - did I break some kind of rule to merit such unlisting? It would be good to know, if that is the case, so I can avoid it in the future.



The bundle’s been mentioned elsewhere - on Twitter, Weaver’s Space etc. - and it’d be disappointing to think you’d been censored. I doubt it - probably just a glitch in the matrix.

I know there’s always a bit of moaning from people who’ve just bought the app at full price and then see it greatly reduced but that’s capitalism for you.

By the way, I’d feel like moaning too but there you go…


Well, it does say ‘unlisted 12 hours ago by Dan’, so it’s hard to draw any conclusion other than that it was considered undesirable for some reason or another. As someone who has bought two full-price copies of the software, I’d probably be well-placed to feel a little disgruntled - but I don’t because it’s mostly a fine piece of software and at a reasonable price. That doesn’t stop me putting a $19.99 copy in the box for a rainy day, though - I simply assumed that other people might like to benefit from the offer, too.

Pretending it’s not bundled for 3p elsewhere is plain daft. But I stand corrected if that’s not the reason why @dan unlisted my original post.


Maybe @dan will be along shortly to reveal all.

I’ve been holding off upgrading because of the continuing publishing and previewing problems that some users are experiencing, but I’ll certainly buy 7.0 as part of this bundle because it’s too good not to at this price.


Absolutely, Rob - you can’t argue with $19.99 for a copy of RapidWeaver - and you get some other decent apps, too. I’ve not had any publishing problems with 7.x, myself.


Indeed, the Readdle PDF app looks useful too.

Readdle do good stuff with PDFs, so I’d definitely trust that one. Only four days left on the bundle now.

Yep, I use their Calendar app for iPhone. Nice.

It seems that @dudeneyge’s original question is still unanswered. I’m sure the RealMac chaps have plenty on their plate making more great stuff but I too would be interested to know if some spoken or unspoken rule has been broken and if that’s the case, what the thinking behind it is.

Not trying to poke anyone but I think it’s a legitimate question.



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I’m starting to see the funny side now - it appears that this message is as invisible to the RealMac folk as my original post which was ‘unlisted’. I guess we’ll drop this now - I get the message: the first rule of Bundles Club is we don’t mention Bundles Club :slight_smile: