Button action to open Dropdown or Reveal

Foundation: I bought Doobox Maps 2 and I want it to open when a button labelled “Map” is pressed.
I cannot get it to work inside a Dropdown or a Reveal stack.
Any idea why, please? Or alternative?

Maps cannot be hidden apparently.

Have you tried using an iFrame within the Reveal lightbox? It might mean you’d have to use a snippet from google and not the Doobox stack (I’m not familiar with/an owner of that stack).

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Unfortunately they don’t do a demo so I had to buy it before finding out it won’t do! For now I just tucked the map down the bottom of the Screens page. Shame but will party your suggestion. Thanks

I don’t have it, but try it in an accordion (just 1 choice)'might work

i have the older Doo A Map … (stack before Maps 2) and it open fine in Reveal Lightbox !

Doobox FAQ Stack might do it?