Help with contact form


Can anyone help me, I seem to be going around in circles.
I have uploaded my page to my server and the page displays fine.

However, the contact form has several issues. I have followed the JW foundation 3 video.
However, the button isn’t sending a message.
Also, both the success message and failure message are constantly displaying on the page…

I’m using cPanel for Godaddy using php 7

Can anyone help shed some light on what I need to do to rectify these issues please?

Many thanks

Can you share what is in your Form Base settings? I’m wondering if you’re ‘From’ address is incorrectly set.

The form will need to be on a php page. Have you changed the extension to php (and removed the html version from your server if need be)?


This is what I have inputted

the full email is
Which is the direct email address associated within the domain I use.

Some hosts require that the ‘From’ Address match the domain (so something like, for example. From there, you can add a second 'Reply-To address if you want something with a different domain.

As @habitualshaker points out, though, that form needs to be a index.php page to work, and it looks like yours is an index.html page.

You should change the extension to index.php first and see if that works. In this case, you’ll need to remove the index.html. Foundation should always notify you if you have both php and html pages.


Might have a look at this KB:


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