Button mis-alignment in Firefox for Yuzoolthemes Cart

Hi everyone,

(I’ve reached out directly to Yuzoolthemes about this as well. His demo site experiences the same misalignment in Firefox.)

For button alignment for Cart Simple and View Cart buttons, I have chose align = “centre” and align = “right” respectively in the stack commands.

In Chrome and Safari, the buttons align properly. In Firefox and Edge, the Cart button alignments default to the left. (photo attached)

Any thoughts how to correct?

Thank you for any help.


Kindly provide a link to a page where we can see this issue. Or, instructions on what to do to get the page you are looking at to appear.

As a shot in the dark (because you mentioned the yuzoolthemes demo page) , try adding this CSS to your project:

.pay-submit {
    display: block !important;
    float: right !important;

You can change the “right” to “left” or “none”.


Thank you klattu for the suggestion.

With your suggestion, I dug into CSS (for the first time).

Both button types have the same class so I had to used divs.

I used CSS3:

div# {

I appreciate your help very much and am grateful that you’ve kicked my butt into the world of CSS.



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