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On a webpage I have links to various photo albums, a total of 13 texted buttons with links to my photo storage. For some strange reason the top 8 buttons do not work whilst the remaining work perfectly. I wonder if somebody cal tell me where I went wrong.
Furthermore I lost my pages index (on the left side) and can’t figure out how to get it back. The page with the links are www.gambay.net/page13.

Right-click on the page you wish to make your home or index page…and select Set As Home Page from the contextual menu.

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Thanks your reply but i may have expressed myself somewhat unclear. What I’m talking about is the side bar on the left side listing all the names of all the pages of the web site for visitors to navigate. It is probably easy to get it back - I have just not found the right solution.
What worries me more is the absence of linking on the top 8 buttons.

Mention Foundation in your title or post and @zeebe will be able to point you in the right direction.


Not sure what is happening to your page, send a support ticket into support(at)joeworkman(dot)net and we will discuss it with you there.